No doubt, its expensive, but worth every Yuan. You get to this old neighbourhood and stop inside a parking lot and from here the magic starts. 

It’s a tour with the Austrian Mr. Sascha Speckemeier as host and the inventor Paul Pairet in the engine room – and 23 other gastronauts to provide the scene. All this for 10 guests.

The journey starts and it is a super well coordinated experience. Sound, smell, texture, food, breeze, wine, video. Everything is so amazingly set up and it was a spotless performance. 22 courses (I wasn’t counting, so it’s a guesstimate) and various vine, drinks, liquors, fluids – your are in for the full treat.

I will not tell you more – just go for it and experience for yourself. It cannot be described, its a feeling that will last for very long, probably your entire life.

My best description is that it’s like: “being inside a modernist multimedia gastro artwork and you have to eat your way out!” It’s the escape you will need to do once in your lifetime.

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