Mackie’s Pizza is an institution in Aarhus and one of the oldest pizzerias in town. 30 years of their special pizza. And the pizza is certainly not a normal pizza. It is a voluminous pizza with loads of cheese and filling, so even though their standard pizza is 30% smaller in diameter than most pizzas it will feed an army. I have never experienced that much cheese and meat on any pizza.

So this is the Mackie’s pizza – not your everyday pizza – they are all meat lovers pizzas and typically you either love it or hate it. I love it. But many in Aarhus do love the pizza’s and they haven’t changed for 30 years. New ones have been added but the idea is still the same.

The setting is a bit like a hard rock cafe (but was around many years before hard rock)  with all kinds of merchandise from soccer and movies and everything in-between. So it’s certainly worth visiting – you might be addicted to their pizzas.

They can also pick-up the pizza and eat them in the comfort of your home – you can also get them raw and finalise them in your own oven. And they do become just as good. That is an amazing way to get the pizza’s warm fresh out of the oven at home.

It can be crowded and the service might not be up to standard, but it’s worth the wait. They do serve coca cola but it’s tabbed.

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