In the hotel Savoia Hotel Regency we had a quick dinner in their restaurant Garganelli. The setting is nice with a large outdoor area that can be covered in bad weather.

We started with a few appetisers from the kitchen. It was very, very light toast bread covered with a strange sweet cream and topped with various toppings like parma ham. Strange.

Platters of typical Romagnan salami with Squaquerone and Stracchino cheese with small crescentic. This was a nice selection of cold cuts, even though the slices could have been more thin to enhance the taste.

Fassone Zivieri beef steak with quail egg and strips of black summer truffles. The steak tartare was very, very tasty – unfortunately the “summer truffles” was probably chinese as they were with very little taste.

Home-made Tagliatelle with Bolognese ragout sauce. The bolognese was very tasty, soft and just as it should be – perhaps made with chicken liver?

Typical green spinach Lasagne. This was a nice piece that was reheated but tasty with a nice flavour from the spinach.

The service was fast and ok.

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