Restaurant reviews – this is divided in 3 sections: “Junk” for fast food restaurants, “Brasserie” for mid-level restaurants, gastro-pubs and bistros and finally “Gastro” for the high level restaurants. All reviews are rated between 1 (bad) to 10 (great) within the three categories. So you cannot compare a rate 9 “Junk” restaurant to a 9 “Gastro” – for us it’s two different things that cannot be compared. The reviews is also tagged to the city it belongs to so you can see our reviews organised by city. Have fun…

Kähler Spisesalon
5 år ago

Kähler Spisesalon

By  •  Aarhus, Brasserie


Midt i Bruunsgade i Aarhus ligger Kähler Spisesalon som er en del af det nye Kähler mademperie med restauranter i både Aarhus og København. Her er mulighed …
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